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Proud to Announce: Carson's Cause

Proud to Announce: Carson's Cause

Sugar Me Smooth is known for our amazing sugar hair removal, but what is often unknown are the needs of those with intellectual disabilities.  Today Emily and B.J. Smith, founders of Sugar Me Smooth, are excited to announce Carson’s Cause, an initiative to fund organizations that provide support to those with an intellectual disability and their families.  This is a subject that is close to home for the Smith’s and is named after their son Carson who is developmentally delayed. 

What is Carson's Cause & how does it work?

Carson's Cause is Sugar Me Smooth's new community initiative to be able to give back to individuals with intellectual disabilities.  A portion of our sales will be donated semi-annually to organizations that support those with intellectual disabilities. 

Organization Requirements:  To qualify for a donation, an organization must be non-profit, well managed, and in need of additional funding.  The organization must demonstrate that funds will go directly to support individuals through additional activities and/or support rather than for administrative costs.  Most donations are anticipated to be given to small, local organizations that can make direct and immediate impacts on those with these special needs.

 Why Start Carson’s Cause?

Sugar Me Smooth is American Made and American Proud.  But not only are BJ and Emily proud to support our troops and celebrate United States holidays, they believe in responsible citizenship by doing good in the world for others each day.  After seeing first-hand the support required and the shortage of funds available to those with intellectual disabilities it was decided to start Carson’s Cause.  We hope that Carson's Cause can become our contribution and influence of good in the lives of individual fellow citizens, both children, and adults, who need help the most.


Stay tuned for our announcement and story of who our first recipient was for Jan-July of 2018 along with future posts introducing Carson and suggestions of how you can get involved. 

Do you know of an organization doing great things in your area for those with intellectual disabilities?  Let us know and nominate them to be a recipient of a future donation from Carson’s Cause.  Email

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