Flickers + Wipes
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Flickers + Wipes

Regular price $13.95
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Speed Up & Simplify The Sugaring Session!

Discover a quicker, smoother Sugar Me Smooth hair removal experience with Flickers + Wipes!


Sugaring Just Got Even Easier.

The Flicker Kit included ensures a seamless, rapid application during your hair removal session. Speed up the sugaring session, reducing the number of times to rinse used flickers. The pack also comes with Cleansing Wipes that keep the process tidy, ensuring a mess-free experience. With Sugar Me Smooth Flickers + Wipes, enjoy a quick, clean, and superior hair removal experience!

  • Extra Flickers = A Quicker Sugaring Session
  • Use Cleansing Wipes to gently wipe area to clean skin before & after Sugaring. 

What's Included:

  • Angle-Grip Flicker Kit (2 large, 3 small, 1 spot)
  • 15 Cleansing Wipes


Ingredients: Water, Propylene Glycol, Aloe Barbadensis Gel, Chamomilla Recutita Extract, Polysorbate 20, Witch Hazel Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Benzalkonium Chloride, PPG-75 Lanolin, D-Panthenol, 2-Bromo-2Nitropropane-1.3-Diol, L-Menthol, Natural Menthol Lactate

30 day satisfaction guarantee badge30 Day Guarantee: We got your back.  Money that is.  Our sugar wax will get back hair or other awkward spots.  If you are not 100% satisified with your product we will arrange for an easy return.  All gently used products are eligible for a refund within 30 days.  Pretty much unheard of in the beauty industry. 
Fast Shipping BadgeFast Shipping:  Waiting too long for product can get prickly.  Can't wait any longer to get that hair outta there?  We get it... Hair Free = Care Free!   So most orders processed by 4 pm EST. are shipped same day so you can get your product fast because smooth skin shouldn't wait.  Make sure and get your right address when you order.

Easy returns badgeSugaring not for you?  Simply email help@SugarMeSmooth.com within 30 days of getting your product & let us know.  Within one business day we will provide our Utah address.  Just pay Return Shipping and we will process your refund once we receive your return.  (Can take 7-10 days to process and funds crediting back.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Cooler is the way to go!

Takes time to get a hang of it. Practice makes perfect! Definitely cool it down before and definitely better to be in a cool room. My sugar got warmer in the process and that’s a big no-no. It got sticky and impossible to take off :( I find sugaring much better than waxing

Alexandra D.
Learning Process but sooo WORTH IT

I have always been a daily shaver during the summer months. I am now going on two weeks post sugaring without shaving my legs and I am loving it!! My legs still look and feel smooth. I am definitely not an expert at flicking yet, but I know with practice it will come easier. The wipes create a quick and easy way to remove any sugar residue .

Perfect when you don't have Shower Wash Cloth's on Hand

I have bought these to try out and I am very Happy I did I will continue to Buy From Sugar Me Smooth Forever And These Wipes Are perfect for When Sugar Waxing to Clean the Skin Before and after sugar waxing and the Clean wipe cloth's can be used One whole cloth's just Once for One leg each including the rest of the Body you are going to sugar wax and they are not Dry at all these are very very moist and Clean smell for the wipes smell really Good Like a fresh shower smell and the wipe does not tear at all when cleaning the area you are sugar waxing But it does tear a little bit when using with water to clean off in the shower from sugar waxing and taking of some sugar that are small bit's and also big piece's are sugar But I still really like these little wipes because If you run out of shower cloth's to clean with water to wipe the sugar off this is very handy to have on hand and you can threw it away But still have Plenty left over for when you need more to Sugar wax and I also really Love these new sugar wax flicker's because these do not slip off when sugar waxing and when the sugar start's to run from the body warming up the sugar wax and becoming a really really sticky mess especially in the Spring and Very very very HOT Summer season I really Love these Cleaning wipes and New Sugar wax flicker's.

Alyssa C.
Just ok...

This works fairly well on firmer surfaces like lower legs and arms, but not too well on less firm areas like the upper thighs/bikini area. I got the flick down pretty quickly, and it definitely works. But, because you have to keep the wax cold enough that it doesn't stick to the skin, applying the wax against the hair growth is almost more painful than the hair removal. I went back to my hard wax for bikini/Brazilian and my soft wax with strips for legs and arms.

Alyson L.
New flickers

The new flickers are great. More stable. I did need to adjust my flick, so it’s going to take a little practice to get it good again.