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Tutorial: Facial Hair Be Gone!

Tutorial: Facial Hair Be Gone!

Watch Our Friend Carrie who has Been Using Sugar Me Smooth for Many Years!

Our Face Hair Removal System can be used on the following unwanted hairs:

  1. Chin
  2. Eyebrows
  3. Nose
  4. Upper and Lower Lip Hairs
  5. Or exfoliating all the peach fuzz on your face. 

Although our Sugar Paste works great for coarse hair. It does have its limits. We have found that it does not work on male Caucasian facial hair. However, our Sugar Paste does remove male facial hair in our South Korean salons, so it is still quite powerful!

Similar to any area you want to Sugar, make sure to apply the product against the hair growth and remove it in the same direction the hair is growing. In addition, you will see Carrie circle around some of her more stubborn hairs. This trick is called the Wrap Around Method. Below is a video that solely shows this trick so you better understand what scene and trick we are referring to. 

Make sure apply some prepping powder before using our Sugar Paste in places that might be more sweaty like your upper lip. 

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