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Sugar Me Smooth has Mens Hair Removal!

Sugar Me Smooth has Mens Hair Removal!

That's right, Sugar Me Smooth has hair removal for men.
The Men's Hair Removal System is available in two types: Classic and Delicate.

The Men's Classic Hair Removal System is meant for general areas such as arms, legs, chest and back.

The  Men's Delicate Hair Removal System is meant for more sensitive areas such as neck, underarm, or the manzillian area.

The Soothing Mist (found in the Men's Delicate System) and the Soothing Solution (found in the Men's Classic System) are both specially-scented with a Bergamot oil blend for a cool, fresh scent for men!

Click here to check out our Men's Hair Removal Sugar!

Don't think sugaring is for dudes? IT TOTALLY IS! Have smooth, hairless skin for yourself, your summer, your beach, or your partner. 

If you still don't believe it, check out the video below of real- life men learning to sugar. It's totally doable;)

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