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You Can DIY: Brazillians

You Can DIY: Brazillians

Salons can be an intimidating and uncomfortable when you are doing hair removal, especially in that certain area! 😬 If the thought of doing a Brazilian in a salon makes you uncomfortable then we have great news for you! Sugar Me Smooth is an all natural way to handle those hairs by yourself, without a salon and while saving money! Sound too good to be true? Let us teach you the ways to give yourself a bikini wax with Sugar Me Smooth products!

Step #1: Get the Bikini Kit

Bikini Sugar Wax Kit

Sugar Me Smooth has a variety of products and we highly recommend getting our Bikini system when it comes to doing a Brazilian. Not only is the sugar 100% all natural, it contains natural licorice root to help reduce sting.  With the inclusion of the prepping powder to apply before, it is easier for the sugar to get the entire hair so that you can enjoy your hair-free bikini area for the full 6-8 weeks! Get your Bikini kit today and you are halfway there to enjoying smooth skin!

Step #2:  Pull the Skin Tight

We talk about pulling the skin tight in our "How-To" video that is included with every purchase. Just scan the QR code on the Start Card for instructions that quickly get you on your way in less time than driving to a salon. Once bikini sugaring, you the process is the opposite way than waxing or strip sugars. For a Brazilian you get a silver dollar size piece of sugar and apply against the direction of the hair growth three times. Then flick, or pull, the sugar with the direction of the hair growth. This will pull the hair out with less pain and keep you hair-free for longer.  Just remember to pull the skin tight while applying the sugar and flicking it off.  

Step #3: Soothe the Area

Included with the Bikini bundle is our Soothing Mist that is key to recovering from the Brazilian you have given yourself. This soothing spray will help prevent irritation and is infused with lavender essential oil for calming. Some call it a magic mist after they use it.  Soothing is the key to recovery and will help make your Brazilian experience a great one.

Three simple steps and you are hair free for 6-8 weeks with the help of the all-natural Sugar Me Smooth products. Get your Brazilian on today!

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