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The Second Reciepient of Carson's Cause

Congratulations to RISE for being Sugar Me Smooth’s second Carson’s Cause recipient!
RISE, Respect Include Serve Elevate, is an after-school club at our local Ridgeline High School. This club was started by one of Ridgeline’s very own students who wanted a place for kids of all types, including those with intellectual disabilities, to do activities together. Their mission statement will just warm your heart, “Come meet some very special people and make friends that will love you unconditionally!” 
In the above picture, their after-school activity was making Valentine’s Day cards for their loved ones. Owners Emily and B.J. Smith can be seen on the right with their son Carson- the inspiration to this charity. 
This is RISE’s first club year and we hope that this donation will help establish a financial foundation allowing the club to last for years to come. In addition, Sugar Me Smooth’s donation of $1000 dollars will go towards helping fund larger field trip activities. Before this donation, the $10 club fee was only enough for RISE to pay for at-school activities. Now, with this donation, RISE has enough funding to rent a bus and go on multiple after-school field trips. We heard bowling was top of everyone’s list! 
For those of you who are new to Sugar Me Smooth, Carson’s Cause is our semi-annual donation initiative launched in November 2018. Our goal is to give back those, who go out of their way to support the intellectually disabled. Check out our previous blog posts to see the first Carson’s Cause recipient and to learn more about the kid himself- Carson.
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