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What are Strawberry Legs? and How to Fix Them!

What are Strawberry Legs? and How to Fix Them!

Summertime means that you wear shorts and dresses! Showing off skin is one of the great benefits of the warm weather, but that means constant hair removal, and that can take a beating on your skin and hair follicles. When you are removing hair, especially when you are using a dull razor you can get ingrown hairs. There is a skin condition called Strawberry Legs and that is often when small black dots show up all over your legs and the skin looks like what a strawberry skin would look like.

But what exactly are those black dots? It can be a couple of things the first being enlarged pores. When you shave in a hot shower it opens up the pores on your skin and if you shave every day this can lead to overproduction of oil. The oil on your skin is important but too much production leaves the pores open and thus leave you with enlarged pores. Another cause could be the hair not being able to break through the skin, causing it to get infected and cause irritation, small bumps and even darken the pores! 

The good news about this is that those black dots are completely harmless and aren't a cause for concern health wise but it can be embarrassing to look at. If strawberry legs every stop you from putting on a swimming suit or wearing that dress that makes you feel amazing then its time to do something about your strawberry legs. Here are the top 2 things that will help minimize those black dots and help get rid of the effects all together!


One of the best ways to prevent getting strawberry legs is to exfoliate your skin. This will remove all the oils, bacteria, and dead skin that can be constantly building up in your pores. When you remove those then the risk of irritation drops dramatically. Removing the dead skin also give the hair on your legs a more direct path when it grows back, this decreases the chance of getting ingrown hairs. Plus it helps keep your skin silky smooth and hydrated, we have a recommendation for you when it comes to sugar scrubs and body oils for daily hydration! Our Scrub and Oil Combo is sure to leave your skin feel hydrated and healthy!

#2 Ditch the Razor, Pick Up the Sugar

The best ways to treat your skin is to leave it alone, that may seem hard when you shave every day to make sure you have every single hair off of your legs but there are better ways to remove hair from your skin. Sugaring is an all-natural way to remove the hair from your skin for 6-8 weeks! That means less work for you and a break for your skin! This will help reduce the irritation caused to your skin and hey no shaving for 6-8 weeks sounds like a bonus!

Let us know if you have any tips for getting rid of strawberry legs and don't forget to show your skin love because it does a lot for you! Avoid strawberry legs by using these tips today!

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