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About Sugar Me Smooth's Sugaring Kits for Bikini Waxing

If you dread shaving your bikini area or visiting your esthetician for an awkward bikini waxing appointment, we sure do have some good news for you! Sugar Me Smooth has some of the best sugar wax hair removal products in the industry, leaving your skin as smooth as possible while reducing the potential for those unsightly & irritating ingrown hairs.

All About Sugaring Hair Removal

Sugaring has been around for decades now, but it is just starting to really gain mainstream popularity as an option for bikini wax kits. Basically the idea is much the same as you would get by visiting a professional esthetician for hard wax hair removal with the sugar wax paste being applied & then removed with a strip that essentially pulls the hair follicles out of your skin by the roots.
Sugaring is gaining popularity for many reasons, but we'll do our best to list a few! The first reason is because it uses 100% all natural ingredients that stick only to your hair, not your skin. That means it is less painful & significantly more gentle on sensitive skin, which is especially helpful when it comes to preventing ingrown hairs.
Another major reason sugar wax products from Sugar Me Smooth has gained so much popularity in the waxing community is because the cleanup is so much easier. Our bikini sugar wax paste dissolves in water, allowing for the easiest possible cleanup after you are done sugaring the hair in your bikini area.

Look & Feel Your Best

Whether you're heading on vacation for spring break or just wanting to keep things nice and smooth down there, Sugar Me Smooth has the sugaring kits that will keep your bikini area looking & feeling great. You don't have to schedule awkward appointments with an esthetician to achieve silky smooth skin without hair down there, simply use our sugaring kits to get the job done at home!
An incredible benefit of sugaring your bikini area vs shaving is that while shaving will only keep your skin smooth for a day or two, the sugaring process keeps hair growth at bay for significantly longer! After using Sugar Me Smooth's sugar bikini wax kits, you can expect silky smooth for 6-8 WEEKS due to the fact that our hair removal method removes the hair follicles themselves.

Proprietary Flicker Applicator

Another thing that makes Sugar Me Smooth unique is our proprietary flicker applicator to help remove the sugaring paste & hair from the bikini area. This sugaring applicator works with our custom all-natural sugar paste recipe to prevent ingrown hairs, pain & irritation of those sensitive skin cells in the Brazilian wax area, and so much more!

Reusable Sugaring Paste

Can we ask you a quick question? Would you rather shave in the shower 30 - 60 times, or use our sugar bikini wax kit once to achieve the same (or better) results? Yea, we'd pick sugaring too, and that's precisely the reason we love what we do! Our goal is to give you the best possible hair removal options for your bikini area to make your beauty routine easier & more effective!

About Sugar Me Smooth

Just like you - we don't like the inconvenience of unwanted hair. Until we started in 2008, hair removal at home only consisted of depilatory machines or wax based strip systems and sugaring had limited and exclusive availability at the salon with a professional esthetician.
That's why, when we became aware of a superior method of hair removal that left skin super smooth, we made it our goal to share it with the rest of the world.
As a family owned and operated business, we started producing sugaring products from our garage in Nibley, Utah. Still located in Nibley, we now ship our sugaring products all over the world and are growing every day.
We believe that everyone should have the freedom that smooth skin brings. That's why we have taken this once esthetician exclusive sugaring paste method and created an at-home system that is simple, cost effective, and provides smoother hair free skin…guaranteed!

Carson's Cause

Carson's Cause is Sugar Me Smooth's community initiative to give back to individuals with intellectual disabilities.  A portion of our sugaring bikini wax & hair removal sales will be donated semi-annually to organizations that support those with intellectual disabilities. Carson is the son of our founders, BJ and Emily Smith. 
Carson was born with significant delays and has challenges with self-help skills, motor skills, and is completely non-verbal.  He also struggles with receptive language, or in other words, understanding what words are and mean. We invite you to learn more about Carson's Cause here.

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