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Sugaring Hair Removal

  • 100% All Natural
  • No Strips
  • Water Soluble
  • No Heating
  • Gentle on Skin
  • Leads to Permanency

Now you can enjoy the luxurious benefits of salon sugaring at home! Sugar Me Smooth all natural hair removal only adheres to your dead skin cells, so it does not remove the top layer of skin like waxing. It gently removes hair by the root, exfoliates skin, and conditions follicles leading to permanent hair removal! Our salon quality products are specifically designed for effective use on coarse and fine hair-Legs, Bikini Area, Face, Underarms, etc.

Once your skin is silky smooth and hair-free, you can easily maintain this beautiful glow with our high-end sugar scrubs and body oils. Made from the finest ingredients available, these skin care items are a must have! Everybody loves sugar…and yours will too!

Sugar Me Smooth Complete Set Full Body Hair Removal (12.3oz) $29.95 Face Hair Removal (3.1oz) $24.95 Soothing Solution (2.0oz) $9.95 Reusable Full Body Applicators (2) $5.95 Reusable Face Applicators (2) $3.95 Instructional DVD $5.95 Total $80.70 Today Only! Just $59.95 Add to Cart
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Sugaring, a natural method that's kinder to the skin than waxing, is a good alternative. -Ow! Beware of bikini wax mishaps, http://today.msnbc.com/ After a while, sugaring can damage the follicle causing the hair to stop growing, or it comes back finer and less frequently. -The Skinny On Sugaring For Painless Hair Removal, CBS4.com Water-soluble "sugar" products made from a sugar and water base are less sticky than traditional wax, so any excess washes off with soapy water. They're also gentler on sensitive skin. -Pros and Cons of DIY Waxing, WebMD.com While millions have turned to laser, waxing and electrolysis, others have opted for sugaring, a sweeter version of hair removal that uses a sugar paste instead of wax -For women, too much body hair can really hurt, MSNBC.com
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