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Carson's Cause | Our Biggest Community Initiative

Carson's Cause | Our Biggest Community Initiative

Sugar Me Smooth is known for our amazing sugar scrub but we also have a big project to give back to a cause that is as close to home as it can be for us at Sugar Me Smooth. The founders Emily and BJ are so happy to announce the new community initiative called Carson's Cause. We are so excited about to start this initiative.


What is Carson's Cause

Carson's Cause is Sugar Me Smooth's new community initiative to be able to give back. Emily and BJ strongly feel that it is there civic duty that we all have at some time in our lives. That is why we were so excited to align Sugar Me Smooth with Made in the USA. Holidays that celebrate the United States and/or our troops and that was an amazing program we intend to continue. Now we are adding another initiative by introducing Carson's Cause. We hope that Carson's Cause can become our contribution and influence in the lives of others for good.

Meet Carson

Carson is the son of BJ and Emily. Carson is most easily described as having a significant developmental delay. He just turned 15 and functions about the level of an 18-month-old. He has significant delays and challenges with self-help skills, motor skills, and he is completely non-verbal.  He also struggles with receptive language, or in other words, understanding what words are and mean.  There are a lot of different labels we put on these kids and there is a wide degree of ability from one to another, but the reality is that a lot of the challenges and the way they manifest are the same with any type of intellectual disability no matter whether it is autism or down syndrome, angel man’s syndrome, or a random defect on a chromosome like Carson has. 


Carson loves lots of things.  He loves jumping on the trampoline, playing chase, and tossing the big beach ball in the backyard.  He also loves chocolate, doughnuts, and pancakes just to name a few of his favorite foods.  Most of all Carson loves people and has an infectious smile.  He has the ability to draw people to him with his piercing eyes and a personal connection he makes with people.  He also likes to have dance parties with his siblings and pretty much be wherever the party is.  He remembers things and people well.  He will often jump up and down with excitement and laugh when he sees his grandparents or others he knows. 

How Will Carson's Cause Work

How Carson's Cause will work is a portion of our sales will be donated semi-annually to organizations that support those with intellectual disabilities.

The charity that this initiative will support is the Autism Support Services: Education, Research, and Training Program at Utah State University. Below is what BJ had to say about the donation:


We think the ASSERT Program does a great job at what they do. We have a personal connection with ASSERT because my son Carson was one of the first students there and greatly benefited from the program.

In 2018 we started the Carson's Cause Initiative, which is a way to give back to individuals with intellectual disabilities. This donation, which was given at the beginning of September to ASSERT comes from a percentage of sales and is the first of many donations to nonprofit organizations focused on helping individuals with intellectual disabilities.

The ASSERT Program works with the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation that aims to improve the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorder  (ASD). For more information on the ASSERT Program, visit

Background of Sugar Me Smooth

Sugar Me Smooth is a family owned and operated business who started producing from Emily and BJ garage. Although still small, they now ship products all over the world and are growing every day. They are the industry leader in natural hair removal and they are up and coming in the beauty product industry. Sugar Me Smooth believes everyone should have the freedom that smooth skin brings. That's why they have taken this once salon-exclusive sugar method and created an at-home system that is simple and cost-effective that provides smoother skin...guaranteed!

Know that we are not currently looking for donations to Carson's Cause we, as a team, just want to help and make a difference in our community.
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