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How Long Does Sugaring Last?

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How Long Does Sugaring Last?

Body sugaring is a hair removal process that dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Sugar Me Smooth has since revolutionized this ancient system into a 100% all natural, at-home hair removal system, and it even lasts longer than other methods of hair removal like shaving and waxing!

With this effective body sugaring system, Sugar Me Smooth has been able to provide a much needed alternative to the standard shaving and waxing practices. As long as it is done correctly, body sugaring can give you lasting results with a fraction of the pain and frustration experienced by other methods.

Sugar Me Smooth stands by our promise that you can be hair-free for up to 6-8 weeks. That’s because when you are consistently pulling out the hair every 6-8 weeks, you will have slower regrowth and less regrowth after each body sugaring session. For the first initial sessions you might have to sugar every 3-4 weeks, but the more you Sugar, the hair will grow back few and far between (and thinner and finer too!). Below are reasons why body sugaring lasts as long as 6-8 weeks!


Everyone has body hair - it's only natural. How people choose to deal with it is their own decision. We are here to help shed some light on the basis of hair growth and why our method works.

Body hair grows in three phases: the Anagen phase, the Catagen phase, and the Telogen phase.

Phase 1: Anagen Phase

The Anagen phase is the hair’s primary growth phase. This growth happens over a long period of time (2-6 years). It is best to sugar during the Anagen phase because it pulls the hair from the root, in order to ‘shock’ the hair as it is trying to grow. For the best hair removal effectiveness and the most weeks in between sessions, we recommend aiming for this hair growth phase.

Phase 2: Catagen Phase

The Catagen phase is when the hair follicle and the shaft start to separate (usually around 1-2 weeks). This means the hair is starting to naturally come out on its own and start new hair growth. It is OK to sugar when your hair is in this phase but remember that the hair shaft is already breaking off to begin growing a new hair follicle, so you might have to sugar again sooner than if you had sugared in the Anagen phase. Again, it isn't against the rules to sugar during this phase, we just recommend trying to hit the Anagen phase for optimal skin hair removal.

Phase 3: Telogen Phase

The Telogen phase is when the hair does come out and a new hair follicle begins to form in the skin (usually around 5-6 weeks). This is an OK time to sugar if it is your first time, as it reduces pain for the first time you’re pulling the hair out of the follicle. However, it will not stunt or ‘shock’ the hair growth and the hair follicle as it would in the Anagen phase since the hair shaft is already separated from the skin and on its way to falling out anyway. Ideally, when sugaring every 6-8 weeks, you are always pulling the hair out when it’s in the Anagen phase to ensure you’re pulling out the hair that’s actually growing.

Regardless of the phase your hair is in, body sugaring is a safe and effective hair removal system that is safe and gentle on skin. It not only keeps hair from growing for weeks after treatment, it can be used effectively on all hair types and phases.


Now that we have established the different phases of hair growth and which phase is most reactive to removal, lets discuss the differing methods for removal. When people think of hair removal, they typically think of shaving or waxing. The brazilian wax is one of the most famous ones out there. But what if Sugar Me Smooth had something even better? That's where bikini and body sugaring comes in. Bikini and Body sugaring is a truly effective and pain free system to remove unwanted body hair and help prevent it from returning for long periods of time. But how does it work?

The correct way to Sugar is to apply the Sugar Paste against the direction of hair growth and remove it in the direction of hair growth. This is opposite of waxing, as with waxing, the wax is applied in the direction of hair growth and removed against the hair growth. When hair is pulled out against the hair growth, there is a lot of breakage that occurs by merely pulling off half of the hair shaft instead of pulling it out at the root. Initially, everything may appear smooth, but just like shaving, hair begins to grow back in a few days rather than weeks. Body sugaring and pulling the hair out in the direction of hair growth reduces breakage and maximizes the ability to pull the hair out by the shaft, increasing the time between regrowth and minimizing the amount of hair that regrows.

Another reason that the sugaring method ensures sugaring lasts longer is that when using Sugar Me Smooth Hair Removal Sugar, the Sugar sticks to the hair, not to the skin. This allows the sugar to grab onto shorter, finer hairs. When body sugaring, the hair should be about ¼ inch to ½ inch long for best results. Waxing hair length needs to be at least ½ inch, which means that wax will leave behind the shorter, finer hairs. This increases the time you must wait and let the hair grow out between waxing. Nobody wants to wait to remove hair until their hair is long enough. We want to get that hair OUTTA there!

This may seem like common sense for skin care, but many people are not familiar with the benefits of body sugaring. With waxing, hair can begin to grow back within days, whereas sugaring can go for weeks without needing another treatment. This alone can save you both time and money. It also takes some stress out of your life if you decide to make a last minute trip to the pool or take a warm vacation. With the weeks long effectiveness of body sugaring, you can say goodbye to that waxing appointment and head for that beach!


It may seem obvious, but Sugaring lasts much longer than shaving along with many more benefits! Many people struggle with strawberry legs in relation to shaving leg hair. Strawberry legs occur when the skin is irritated and not properly taken care of and your legs start to appear red with black dots all over. Shaving leg hair every day in a hot shower opens your pores and leads to an overproduction of oil. Most people have dark leg hair, and when each hair is only shaved off where the shaft meets the skin, this leaves the appearance of a black dot in the pores. Enlarged pores plus black (hair) dots in the hair follicle results in the appearance of Strawberry legs.

Sugaring reduces the appearance of Strawberry Legs in a couple of very effective ways.


Exfoliation is necessary to have smooth skin and to cure or prevent the appearance of strawberry legs. This removes dead skin, extra oils, and bacteria that build up in your pores. Sugar Me Smooth Hair Removal Sugar sticks to the hair and dead skin cells only. This reduces irritation and exfoliates away dead skin cells!


Sugaring instead of shaving leg hair is the best way to reduce the appearance of strawberry legs. Sugaring keeps you hair free for up to 6-8 weeks. This allows weeks between hair removal instead of a day or even hours between shaves. Sugaring also pulls the hair out at the root, instead of cutting it off mid-shaft where the razor meets the skin. This minimizes the number of black follicles. Sugar Me Smooth Hair Removal Sugar is also 100% all natural and is made of only sugar, lemons, and water, which reduces redness and irritation.
Sugaring is the best thing you can do for your dry legs, hairy legs, sensitive skin, or strawberry legs! Not only does sugaring exfoliate AND pull put the hair from the root, it's 100% all natural and leaves you worrying less about your leg hair than ever before!


Many people see waxing and shaving as the tried and true method for skin care hair removal. Many have never heard of body sugaring or its many benefits. If you have gone the waxing and shaving route and were left with sub-par but expected results why not give body sugaring a try for hair removal? Your skin will thank you and you will be left with a much smoother and irritant free look when compared with waxing.

Shaving can be a pretty standard process, but you get what you expect from it. Sometimes cuts, other times red bumps and irritation. More often than not, you can feel the hair growing back within a day or two or maybe even hours if its a cold day!
Waxing is a similar story just with a little smoother result. The pain and sacrifice that goes into waxing does produce a slightly better result than simply shaving. But why put yourself through the skin irritation and chemical treatments that come with waxing when you can do an easy at home or in salon body sugaring treatment that gets even better results?


Who wouldn't want to use a product that is highly effective and yet chemically safe for your skin and body? In this day and age, the ingredients of a product play a major factor in people's decisions to buy it. How many times in the past few weeks have you been to a store looking for skin care and hair removal products and were shocked when you looked at the ingredients. Half of them you can't pronounce and the other half you would be less surprised to see on the back of a bottle of motor oil.

Luckily, Sugar Me Smooth is 100% all natural, and made of sugar, lemons, and water. This secret formula conditions the hair follicle by sticking to the hair, not the skin, to remove hair and dead skin cells only. The simple mixture of the Sugar paste conditions the follicles and ensures the hair grows back thinner and finer than before. Hot wax and hard wax are full of chemicals and not only pull out the hair in the opposite direction (increasing breakage), they pull off the top layer of skin, increasing irritation and the probability for ingrown hairs.

Do you enjoy the messy cleanup after a session of waxing? We didn't think so. With body sugaring and the all natural ingredient mixture, it's a fairly easy cleanup process after the hair removal treatment. Since the mixture is simply sugar, lemons, and water, all you need to do is just wash the mixture off your skin with water. It's that easy. Next time you are fighting with the pain of waxing or going on your third time shaving in a week, think about how easy it would be to simply grab the Sugar Me Smooth face, bikini, or body sugaring product and remove that unwanted hair for weeks.

Reduce the amount of hair that grows in and increase weeks between hair removal sessions by using Sugar Me Smooth Hair Removal Sugar to pull the hair out by the root, reducing breakage, and conditioning the hair follicles to ensure that over time, the hair grows back fewer and far between!