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Sugaring the Underarm

Posted by Sugar Me Smooth on

Sugaring the Underarm

One of The Hardest Area to Sugar: The Underarm

The Underarm is a hard area to sugar for a lot of reasons.

First, the hair typically grows in a swirl pattern and is therefor hard to figure out in which direction to spread & flick the sugar

Second, one arm is up in the air and therefor unable to hold the skin taut. 

Third, the hair mostly grows 'up' or towards the hand, so you'd likely flick up and hit your own raised arm!


Let's talk through some of these difficulties and give some TIPS AND TRICKS to help you get that underarm hair OUTTA THERE!

1.  Make sure to use prepping powder. This will help by drying up excess sweat, create a barrier between the sugar and the skin, and help the sugar adhere to the hair, also leading to less pain.

2. Scoop a large piece of sugar onto the flicker and do 3 passes on the inside of the wrist first. This will ensure the sugar isn't super hard when attempting the underarm. The larger glob of sugar will help decrease tugging. 

3.  Start with a small area at the top of the underarm (when the arm is raised) and spread the sugar by pulling down.

4.  Spread 3 times. If possible, flick up towards your raise arm. It that doesn't work, flick sideways, away from your body. 


Keep sugaring until your underarm is hair free! Finish off with the Soothing Mist / Soothing Solution and enjoy your hair-free under arms! 


Below is a video of someone getting it done!