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That 'Hair Down There' 😳

That 'Hair Down There' 😳

"Yeah... I'm not going to make it to the hot tub party..." 😣😬

"Are they going to think I'm weird for wearing swim shorts?"


These are all things we think to ourselves when we're a little 'out of shape', wanting to feel comfortable, but let's be honest, we've ALL got hair down there.

Let's not make it taboo... we all have it. Every adult. In fact, hair down there is a sign of 'maturity', so congratulations! 

There are lots of options for hair removal down there and honestly, most of them aren't that great.


Going to the salon for a wax can be embarrassing, takes forever, costs 💲💲💲🤑💸and they use chemical hot wax on that sensitive area. ❌❌❌

Shaving is a more personal solution, but it grows back the next day and is SO ITCHY, rashy, and grows back thick and stubbly.
You're literally stuck doing it every day.❌❌❌

There are at-home wax kits but is it ever warm enough? And if it is... did it burn you? It usually takes 30 mins to an hour to heat up on that warmer thing (we actually tried it here at Sugar Me Smooth and it took 45 mins... we have video proof!) plus, most of the time the wax doesn't totally work and its terrible for that gentle skin down there! ❌❌❌

In walks Sugar Me Smooth... The answer to all the problems previously explained...

Sugar Me Smooth requires no heat, microwave, or warmer pot! Instead, it naturally heats to the temperature of the skin!✅

Sugar Me Smooth requires no strips, and instead uses what we call 'the flicker' which is a credit card- like applicator that scoops, applies, and removes the sugar (and obviously the hair)!✅ 

Regrowth after Sugar Me Smooth comes in THINNER AND FINER (aka no stubble) ✅

Sugar Me Smooth is 100% all natural, with no chemicals to hurt your skin! ✅

Sugar Me Smooth minimizes ingrown hairs and does not grow back itchy✅

Sugar Me Smooth gives you multiple uses per jar! 1 jar = about the price of an inexpensive salon visit (about $50) and you get at least 3 uses out of it!

We're honestly not joking when we claim that we offer you the best at-home hair removal on the market, and we're biased, but we also claim that using Sugar Me Sooth is even better than the salon!

You don't want to miss out on the Sugar Revolution. Get your bundle today!


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