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The Top 8 Essential Benefits of Sugar Wax

The Top 8 Essential Benefits of Sugar Wax

If there's anything every woman can agree on it's the absolute awfulness of razor burn. Especially in those certain, well, sensitive areas. 

Those red, stinging bumps are not only painful, but look gross. The most popular method to replace razors is waxing.

However, traditional waxing has many drawbacks. Since the wax needs to be hot it leaves sensitive areas irritated after. Those with sensitive skin deal with red marks for days after waxing, and worse.

But, there is a better solution. Sugar wax solves all the problems of traditional waxing. Here we go over the 8 essential benefits of sugar wax.

Natural Ingredients and Less Waste

The best part about sugaring is that there are no artificial or synthetic ingredients. This means that it's better for your skin and the environment. 

Sugaring also doesn't require the use of cloth strips for application and is traditionally applied using your hand. You're throwing away less and getting a better result.

Here at Sugar Me Smooth, we take it a step further by providing an applicator to work with the natural ingredients. Our sugar is specially formulated and contains sugar, lemons, and water. All of our sugar is 100% natural and vegan approved.

Sugar Wax Requires No Heat and Has An Easier Application Than Traditional Waxing

Sugar naturally becomes softer, warmer, and more pliable when heated through your natural body heat. 

You start with room temperature sugar and begin the treatment. After the first few flicks, the sugar starts to get easier to work with and easier to wrap around the hair follicles.

A professional sugar artist will typically palm a ball of wax with her hand and use no applicator. For a beginner, or when you're doing the sugar wax at home, this is a hard technique. That's why Sugar Me Smooth comes with a reusable plastic applicator we call the "Flicker". 

The applicator allows you to have more control over the sugar, get more applications out of each jar of sugar and helps you master the flicking technique faster.

Check out this video to see exactly how easy it is to apply Sugar Me Smooth.

No Drying on Skin

With traditional hot wax, you have to work FAST. 

You need the wax hot enough to cling to the hairs and attach to the strip but then you need to leave it long enough for it to cool off a little bit to grab the hairs before pulling.

For at-home waxers, incorrect timing leads to either no hair being removed or the wax hardening and getting dried to the skin. Either way, no bueno.

One of the benefits of sugar waxing is avoiding the need for a dry time altogether. There's much more leeway in the timing of the treatment.

Less Irritation After a Treatment

On top of the obvious pain of the treatment itself, traditional waxing comes with a whole list of potential irritation afterward. 

From redness to stinging, and even bleeding, traditional wax is not a pleasure for all.

Put on top of that the inexperience of some waxers, overconfidence in the set it and forget it wax pot being the correct temperature, and clients that aren't aware of what you need to do before a waxing (I.E. bathing) you're almost guaranteed some discomfort post-treatment.

Instead of risking burns, wounds, and ingrown hairs perform your hair removal with sugar wax in the comfort of your own home with Sugar Me Smooth.

Removes Even the Shortest of Hairs

Because of the direction of application, the opposite of traditional strips waxing, the hair is wrapped completely down to the follicle by sugar. This means even your tiny baby hairs are getting yanked out through the process.

For the best results, it is to have about a week's worth of growth before starting your first sugaring treatment. It will be easy to see the hair and know if your flicking technique is working correctly.

Suitable for Even The Most Sensitive Areas Without Heightened Risk of Ingrowns Like Traditional Waxing

The surge in popularity of the Brazilian Wax has more and more injuries happening to the most sensitive parts of our bodies. The hot wax comes with the risk of tearing delicate skin which can lead to infection.

In addition to tearing, you're almost guaranteed a few ingrown hairs which is incredibly uncomfortable when they are located in your private parts whether you're a male or female.

Sugar wax isn't heated to there is no risk of burning or tearing.

The sugar wraps itself around the hair in the opposite direction of waxing and pulls it out from the follicle. This makes ingrown hairs very rare as a result of sugaring.

Way Less Hair Breakage

Traditional wax and strip sugars are laid in the direction of the hair growth and is pulled against the grain. This causes nearly 30% of the hair to be broken instead of pulled from the follicle. That means this hair will come back way before the promised 4 weeks of no hair.

Sugar wax is laid against the direction of hair growth which allows it to seep into the hair follicle from underneath the hair. Then it is pulled in the direction of hair growth. This encourages the full hair and hair shaft to be pulled from the follicle.

This means you'll experience a longer length of hairlessness, up to 8 weeks, as compared to traditional hot waxing.

The Results Become Permanent

The absolute best sugar wax benefit is that after completing 5 or 6 full treatments the results begin to become permanent. You heard us, permanent.

Why? Even if you've been a consistent wax-er your hair may have never been pulled out at the follicle before. Because the sugar wax wraps the entire hair follicle it pulls the whole thing out.

After 5 or 6 treatments, the hair re-growth will be so fine and thin it will be barely noticeable. This means you can go longer between treatments and use less wax when you do treat.

Sugar Wax is the Best Hair Removal Treatment and Sugar Me Smooth is the Best Sugar Wax on the Market

We hope this article has answered your questions about sugar wax.

Ready to take the plunge?

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