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Love You For You

Posted by Ashton Crump on

Sugar Me Smooth Confidence

Body Image. It’s a topic with a lot of depth. With each culture, group, and even person having their own opinion on what a beautiful body should look like- we believe it’s best to ignore them. On this topic, your opinion is all that matters because it is your body. Do what you feel is obtainable. Spend however much time you want to put into the “morning prep.” Whether that’s 2 hours or 2 minutes. Whatever you need to feel your most confident.

Here at Sugar Me Smooth, we have skin care for every level of body maintenance. If you want to leave every hair on your body intact, because that’s how God made you, then be confident with that choice! Men get away with it anyways. For all men and women who choose this embody this image, we have hydrating oils, sugar scrubs, and body butters to keep that skin underneath health, hydrated, and protected.

Sugar Me Smooth Men

If your ideal body image is on the other end of the hair scale, and having hair-free underarms, legs, etc. is what your ideal body image is then go for it! Maybe you want to be so smooth that, when you go down the slip-and-slide, soap is not required. It’s a specific goal, but we can most certainly help you. We have a variety of all-natural hair removal products for every area you want hair-free and smooth.  

The body we are blessed with is the only one we are going to get, so love it, care for it, be proud of it.

Sugar Me Smooth Confidence

Here are some of the people we’ve helped find their most confident selves.

AMAZING. I actually felt confident for the first time ever. Love it. 10/10 :) ”
- Sugar Me Smooth Customer
“I gave you (guys) a try and love what it has done for my legs! I will be purchasing again! Thank you for providing such a product!
-Sugar Me Smooth Customer 
“As I age, I find that I’ve started growing hair in places that, are not only embarrassing, but also reminiscent of a 12 year old prepubescent boy. The more I pluck, the worse it gets. I’ve looked into laser hair removal...too much of a commitment and so costly, waxing at a salon...way too expensive for all that needs waxed...Nair? No way! I might as well bathe in acetone. Sugar me Smooth! YES! Finally something that’s affordable and really works! I can easily remove my unwanted hair in the comfort of my home while binge watching the Golden Girls in the evening. Do yourself a a bottle of wine, order a pizza, put on your favorite show and Sugar Me Smooth yourself! Amazing product”
- Sugar Me Smooth Customer