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PEDI Prominence

Posted by Sugar Me Smooth on

PEDI Prominence


Did you know that healthy feet can significantly reduce stress levels and drastically improve not only your physical appearance, but your emotional well being? If you’re in need of a quick, practical way to decompress – and let’s be honest, who isn’t stressed during the holiday bustle - a foot and calf massage will relieve tension and pressure. A pedicure or lower leg message will increase blood flow and circulation to your entire body, as well as help alleviate any existing pain in the areas.

Contrary to popular belief, pedicures aren’t just for women and they aren’t just a superfluous luxury. Our feet are the most overused part of our body for both men and women. They literally bear the weight of our world, and unfortunately, they are too often the most overlooked and neglected part of our body.

Incase anyone needs extra convincing to make the time to get that pedicure, let’s not forget the simple feel good factor that’s always involved. It’s amazing how, when treated well, a little TLC can really go a long way to make you feel not only reinvigorated and relaxed, but it can boost our overall spirit and confidence. So this holiday season take a minute to give the gift of a pedicure to your feet – they deserve it!

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