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Treat Your Skin With a Little Pumpkin!


It’s finally pumpkin season! I love pumpkins on my front porch. I love pumpkin pie, cookies and cake. I love pumpkin drinks and pumpkin candles. Let’s just say…I am a pretty big fan of pumpkin. But did you know that this orange gourd is actually packed full of nutrients that are incredible for skincare? 

It’s true…the slimy guts and seeds of the pumpkin you just carved are rich in vitamins and enzymes that could be the skin care solution you have been searching for. Pumpkins are rich in vitamin A which soothes and softens skin. They are also bursting with vitamins E & T which actually can help with acne and irritated skin. The natural enzymes in this gooey mess dissolves dry skin, exfoliating it but also adding necessary hydration.

So while you are carving your next pumpkin make sure to save some of the slimy insides for a DIY face mask or skin rub. Puree and mix with a little yogurt, pumpkin spice, or honey for a truly natural glow!  If you’re not a fan of the real deal, canned pumpkin will also work just fine. Of course make sure to share a picture of your pumpkin spa experience with us at help@sugarmesmooth for the chance to be featured on our Instagram and Facebook!

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