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What should I do if my Sugar Wax seems too hard?

What should I do if my Sugar Wax seems too hard?

Answer: Dig on In!

Other Helpful Tips & Tricks dealing with Sugar Consistency:

-Sugar Me Smooth sugar naturally heats to your body temperature. So don't be afraid to stick your flicker in the jar and dig on in, even if it seems a little hard. However, if sugar is too firm or difficult to remove from the jar, you can heat the jar of sugar in a bowl of warm water for about 10 minutes.

-If you are in a humid climate, you can either sugar in a room with air conditioning or stand in front of a fan. If the sugar becomes too warm, it will be very sticky. This can also happen once the sugar has been heated from body heat transferred from multiple reuses.

-If the sugar becomes too sticky and gooey while you're applying, do not continue tugging on your skin to get it off.  This can cause discomfort and bruising.  Simply scoop a new colder, harder piece of sugar and apply diagonally over the gooey area. Then always remember to flick fast. This will pick up all remaining sugar. In the event that nothing is working then simply wash the sugar off with warm water and start again with clean dry skin.

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