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Easy to use

This is easy to use, comes perfect ready to start using immediately!

Flicker Set
Dannyia L.

It’s a good product but I just don’t know how to properly use and it hurts bc of my improper use of it 😂

Best hair removal ever!

I wish I found this sooner! No irritation, so easy to use. Love it!


It’s messy but worth it. After getting done I didn’t have the irritation or white bumps that I would normally have after a wax. Skin feels noice!! Highly recommend 🫶

Gotta get that “flick” technique down

It works very well, the flick just needs to be perfected

Alright. I'll be 100% honest. I thought, after reading the reviews, that most of them had to be fake or paid for because there was no way everyone loved their results.
I bought this kit, because why not. I've been going to a wax place and figured if there was a better and less expensive way I may as well try it.
Just did the test part on my arm and was almost freaked out by how easy and not painful it was. So... I figured I may as well test a small part of the bikini area (again, why not?).
This was legit my very first time and very first experience. I had no clue what to do except what the instructions say (very helpful btw) and already am amazed by the results. Almost didn't feel anything and although I got a little lost along the way, even the mistakes were easy to deal with. Goanna give it a few days before I try for the whole bikini area but so far 10/10 recommend.


So easy to use, and I stay hairless for a month! Best product I ever bought.

Great product, easy to use, need more sugar

I loved everything about this product except for the amount of sugar that comes with it. I would like a bigger container, because I used about 2/3 of one container just doing my legs. I expect I’ll get better and more efficient with time, but the container still seems on the small side and definitely won’t last as long as I hoped. My legs were very smooth for about one week, but I have stubble growing in already. Hope it lasts longer next time.

Convenient & Simple

Definitely a bit of a learning curve and I'm still working my way through my first "project" but convenient doesn't even begin to express how great it is to have in your cabinet and just add it to your shower routine. Pick a new spot every day and eventually you'll never shave again!

Big fan... still learning.

Better than shaving

Never tried this before and I am so impressed. No itchy razor burn afterwards. I only tired once so far and had a little trouble but the next time I think it will be easier.

I love the mango body scrub. Still need to learn how to use correctly the wax. Got some bruises when trying to do the bikini line.

The best!

Love these sugar scrubs. They are super smooth and nourishing. If you don't like the feeling of oil on your skin, obviously this is not for you, but it's my favorite sugar scrub. For some reason I hated the pomegranate scent, but I've bought a ton of these in different scents and that was the only one I had an issue with. I live in the desert and I have perpetually dry skin. This is the only thing that keeps my skin soft all day. My husband has been using it too because the natural oils in it are such relief from the dry desert air. Worth it 100% (especially in the desert)

Beast wax i had

So happy to finally have found this waxy!! It's much better than other brands that I have used!! Im really happy with this one!!!

Still Learning!

I think that Sugar Me Smooth has a lot of potential even in these not-yet-skilled hands. The tutorials and information have been a huge help, but I'm still getting used to the product!


I Never tried any sort of waxing before, or sugaring. I watched plenty of tutorials and it looks so easy how to flick the sugar! But it isn’t. It takes practice and I spent 45-1 hour on my right leg in trial and error, but spent about 20 minutes on my left leg! So once you get the hang of the learning curve, you’re able to do it really fast. I did find that it’s easier to work with when you put it in the fridge for about 15 mins to make it a firmer consistency so it doesn’t turn into a sticky mess in the middle of your flicking.(^Trial and error^) lol. Now, it still hurts because you’re pulling the hair from the follicle, but the results are really worth it. Made my skin so soft! Like a baby’s butt kind of soft. Jesus Christ loves you so so much. 🫵🏽JOHN 3:16🫶🏽💗REPENT! The time is drawing near ppl!!

Best Scub Around

I’ve tried many scrubs, but nothing compares to this one!! It’s why I bought 3. Lol.

I've reordered many times

I really like this stuff, its easy and doesnt hurt much and is very easy to clean up

Gift from heaven!

Lasts so much longer than shaving or waxing and less hair grows back!

Gets the job done

Once you get the hang of sugaring, it’s pretty easy and goes relatively fast. For the bikini area, yes, it will still hurt some, but don’t hesitate, commit! And make suuuure the area is cool and dry first. The prep powder really helps. Definitely love this kit and the price point. Also the soothing spray feels and smells so good.

Love this!

Easiest product I have ever used for self waxing 10++++ stars

Amazingly smooth

Didn’t hurt at all and was SO smooth when I was done. I’m hooked

Great Customer Service

Seriously WONDERFUL customer service from Sugar Me Smooth. They ran to the rescue when my order didn't show up and FREAKING HAND DELIVERED IT WITH A NOTE. SOOOO nice of them!!! I cannot believe they went to the effort they did in order to get product to me. Love it!!!

We are SO HAPPY we were able to do this for you!! Once we found out it was for your wedding AND we were in the same area, we just knew we had to!!

Easy & Efficient

SugarMeSmooth is amazing! It’s easy to use and efficient. I always chose waxing as my depilatory method and always had some pain in the process. I used SMS for the first time this last weekend and I’m so surprised that I didn’t feel the sting like before. It just took me a few tries to get the right angle and voilà! All done. The sugar cleans out fast with warm water. I had to itch, no bumps, no redness. Thank you so much for making this process an easy one!

Good Product

I usually get all my facial services done professionally and the product is good but I need more practice

Learning Curve

There is Definitely a learning curve but once you get the hang of it it’s great! I did have a hard time keeping everything cool because I live in Hawaii so I learned that sugaring inside with the AC is a must!!