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Cooler is the way to go!

Takes time to get a hang of it. Practice makes perfect! Definitely cool it down before and definitely better to be in a cool room. My sugar got warmer in the process and that’s a big no-no. It got sticky and impossible to take off :( I find sugaring much better than waxing

I was very impressed, Great Product

This is actually a bomb product, it’s not as painful in use and if u make a mistake u really can Jst wipe it off with a wet cloth and it clears just like sugar, it doesn’t have a sticky painful-ness to it if u make a mistake or even when flicking off the hair. It also takes out all the hair. Just watch the how to videos, they are LEGIT and really show genuinely how it performs.
Great product, Great job!

Cleansing Wipes
Kristen F.
So smooth!!!

I was initially skeptical and when I did my first session I was not sure about how I felt (it took a few times to learn how to do it right), but let me tell you!!! It’s been a week since I sugared and my legs are SO SMOOTH, and I am now a lifer! I love this stuff! Do yourself a favor and buy this, you’ll never go back!

"Spa" Body Sugar Scrubs (4.4 wt. oz.)

Great…other than the awkward container.

I love this product! My first attempt with the sugar on my legs (after watching all the videos and preparing my legs) went really well. I have some more practice to do on my armpits. Tough area! Overall, I’m pleased and will be a repeat customer. Great product, great customer service and support.

Tricky but effective

There’s definitely a learning curve, but when done correctly it is very effective!

Flickers + Wipes
Alexandra D.
Learning Process but sooo WORTH IT

I have always been a daily shaver during the summer months. I am now going on two weeks post sugaring without shaving my legs and I am loving it!! My legs still look and feel smooth. I am definitely not an expert at flicking yet, but I know with practice it will come easier. The wipes create a quick and easy way to remove any sugar residue .

Loving this!

I wanted to try this because I HATE shaving my legs all the time but it’s too hard to find the time to do waxing - and that’s an expensive option. The online tutorials and Facebook group were so helpful and I’m loving the results! The only hard part is that you have to just have hairy legs for a while before the hair grows back long enough to sugar again. Overall very satisfied!

Absolutely the smoothest skin ever. . .

Just like everyone says, there is a learning curve. I started with underarms and moved to legs. Legs take a LONG time! I have now tried bikini and that is HARD! However, just for the smooth underarms with no shave bumps, I will continue to use this product!!! Winner!


It has a learning curve. Not great on areas that aren't firm (loose thin skin) and mostly flat (knees). It's messy getting started, although it was very effective in removing hair from my lower legs.
If you've got patience and time to twist yourself into a pretzel to try to get awkward areas, go for it.

Full Body Hair Removal Kit (Body + Bikini)

I can easily wax my chin without pain

I look at the instructions. Then I wash my face with warm water to open my pores on my face. After I dried my face, I put the prepping powder on target areas on my face. Then, I applied the Sugar Me Smooth Face & Eyebrow Hair Remover on my chin with a flicker card. After I finish waxing, I use the soothing spray. I felt no pain and my skin is smooth.

Bikini Sugaring

Took a little practice but works so good!

Great alternative to waxing. More bang for your buck and less pain! Overall very satisfied and will be a repeat customer.

So far so good

First try went much better than I expected. I’m excited about the results.

Manageable pain. Skin irritation lasted 2 days post wax

Sugaring Towel Wrap
Angeline V.
I love the soft towel wrap

This towel wrap came in good condition.
I love how soft the towel wrap is.

Not as easy as I️ thought it’d be but good results!

Not going to lie….mid sugaring I️ told myself I️ was never doing it again because the technique was harder than I️ thought and when the sugar got too warm it was very sticky and a huge mess. That said I️ powered through and the results were great!

It really does work.

It WORKS. For the people saying it doesn’t work, it’s user error. You just have to be quick about it, know how to pull it, and know when the sugar is starting to get too warm. Once you get the feel of how you are supposed to “flick” you get the hang of it pretty quick.. In my opinion anyway. Also, the pain level is actually substantially lower than regular wax, so that’s a plus. I got this because my usual waxing salon has gotten too expensive to keep up with. So I found this alternative and decided to give it a go. MUCH BETTER INVESTMENT. I’m just trying to figure out the best positions for the self Brazilian.. haha. You won’t be sorry you tried it.

Super easy!!!

Took me a couple goes to get the hang of it but now my legs are so smooth!!

Easier than I expected

I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it actually was to learn. And I was also happy that it doesn’t hurt more. 😄

So far so good!

Just a note about my first experience! It worked! And it was not really painful at all! I had more discomfort putting on the sugar mixture than pulling it off! And it did take a bit of time to get a better pull but I did get better and leg #2 went much better! I am actually looking forward to trying again. Thanks for such a good product and helpful suggestions along the way!

Face & Eyebrow Hair Removal Jar

I LOVE Sugaring!

I have never waxed my body before so I was really nervous to try especially making sure I mastered the flick. I’m still practicing the flick but I absolutely love how smooth and soft my skin is. This is great for people with sensitive skin!