Lemon Sugar Water Wax

Lemon Sugar Water Wax

What is sugar wax? Simply put, it's a way to use what you might think of as candy to remove unwanted hair. It's actually an ancient method for making what we now call caramel.  When all-natural products like lemon juice, sugar, and water are combined, they produce a pure substance: a wax recipe that is great for removing hair to leave you smooth and fresh. 

The luxury of smooth skin is something everyone deserves to enjoy. It helps us all to look and feel our best. There's a reason that people have sought smoother, hair-free skin for so many centuries. That's where our wax recipe for hair removal comes in.

The process of using sugar wax for hair removal has existed for thousands of years. This paste is simple to use, softer than wax, affordable, and straightforward. It involves no harsh chemicals. It is also relatively mild in terms of its effects on your skin for  -- meaning it won't leave you feeling red and raw the way some other hair removal products might.

Waxing At Salons Is Expensive; Sugar Wax Is Affordable And Done At Home!

Sugar waxing used to be exclusive to salons, who charged a high price for it. These days, very few people want to pay that kind of price... and more and more, people want to have the convenience of removing hair at home. All of our all-natural wax recipe products do that for you.  Home solutions are the right solutions... but you don't want to have to mix your own wax recipe from "raw ingredients." You can "split the difference" and get sugar wax products from Sugar Me Smooth, which are always made consistently to the highest standards of quality.

We believe that everyone should have the freedom that smooth skin brings, and our sugar wax recipe does that.  That's why we have taken this once salon-exclusive method and created an at-home system that is simple and cost effective. It provides smoother skin…guaranteed! 

Take Care Of Unwanted, Inconvenient Hair

When it comes right down to it, there's only one reason you use sugar wax: to remove unwanted hair. Sugar wax for hair removal has been performing this task very well for thousands of years. A lot of people think, "if it's not broken, don't fix it." That's why we take proven sugar wax recipes to make our all natural products... and bring them to you at affordable prices. Sugar wax removes unwanted hair, does so effectively, and is affordable and all-natural. 

With our sugar wax recipe solutions, you can do all this in the comfort of your own home. It's convenient, it's discreet, and it's the best possible mix of the available options. That's why we love it so much and want to share it with you!

Our Sugar Wax Recipe Beats Home Depilatory And Wax Strip Hair Removal Systems

Sugar Me Smooth understands that you may have tried other home hair removal systems and products. But sugar wax beats them all! Our hair removal products are better than at-home chemical waxing kits or salon wax. And our sugar wax kits are so much more affordable! They use no heat and, better yet, they are totally water soluble, which makes clean-up quick and easy! Sugar wax isn't really "wax" at all; it's a water-soluble paste that is softer than wax. Our unique sugar wax recipe products are also a lot less painful... which makes them the best hair-removing option on the market.

Current at-home wax recipe kits on the market are filled with toxic chemicals and require extensive time and a myriad of extra tools: wax pots, applicators, strips, and an oil that is supposed to get wax off the skin. Not to mention all the time wasted trying to heat up the wax! With Sugar Me Smooth sugar wax, all you need is your jar of sugar wax and a flicker!

You may be thinking, “I can just make this at home!”. It’s true that sugar, lemon juice, and water are not hard products to come by. However, Sugar Me Smooth has perfected the sugar wax recipe down to the very detail to ensure you have the best and most effective sugar wax formula on the market sent right to your door. In reality, you can make most things at home… like pizza, sandwiches, and coffee! But most people prefer to outsource those items, as they have a proven recipe and we can count on them to be great!

 Our sugar wax recipe products are formulated to help give you smooth, properly hydrated skin. We use no synthetics, no fillers... and, most importantly we don't water down our products. 

Sugar Me Smooth Scrubs and Oils are all natural and formulated to provide smooth, hydrated skin.  No fillers or synthetics are used and nothing is ever watered down. Only the finest oils are used to enhance the feel and appearance of the skin. This is our commitment to you. Buy your home hair removal products from us; you'll be glad you did!

Shop With A Family Business

We started shipping our all-natural products sugar wax recipe from our garage in Nibley, Utah, Today, we're still based in Nibley... but now, we ship our sugar wax and other products all over the world. We work to be the world's premier distributor of all-natural hair removal and skin care products (including our sugar wax solutions). Every day, we strive to do more than what is asked of us... because we want all our customers (whether they're buying sugar wax products or some other product) to feel clean, beautiful, fresh, and free of unwanted hair.

Carson's Cause

We'd also like to remind you about Sugar Me Smooth's community initiative, Carson's Cause. When you buy sugar wax or other products from Sugar Me Smooth, a portion of every sale is donated semi-annually to organizations that support those with intellectual disabilities. To learn more, please visit our blog post about Carson's Cause HERE.

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